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Yo so I’m performing SAT, MAY 24TH on a rooftop in LA with some rappers some producers and some visual artists. We vibin after..come thru!
cheat on ya man, ma. That’s how you get ahizzead - skateboard p

I think I have ugly duckling syndrome

or a mike jones complex. idk yet, but i do know that back then they didn’t want me, but now i’m hot they all on me.

highschool was full of disappointment and rejection. college and post college has been victory + win + score! 

The biggest difference is now I have something that I’m so good at [music], that I can’t even trip if somebody doesn’t fuck with me.

it gives me the strength of 10 niggas, not men, niggas.

I ain’t even really no sexy ass nigga like that, i’ve always been mad reclusive and pensive. deep thought, philosophy and higher meaning have always been there..but now all of a sudden it’s bitches that wanna fuck with ya boy. I’m like “ok, women. I see how y’all operate”. Trickin. 

Fuck Donald Sterling. We get Money without Racist handouts.
Rich Africans
Bacon filed cinnamon rolls. #onlycuzimadeit
Best street name ever
Cheese breaded chicken, Egg shell pasta, tomato, basil,  Montrey Jack cheese. #onlycuzimadeit