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Toony - The Bully
Toony TuneS, PROduce & Michael Uzowuro - Zodiaction
Toony TuneS - RollerCoasterS 
Toony TuneS & Mr. Mockwell - Conducted Sounds of Drama

I’m a Writer.

When I see a text box it makes me giggle inside.

I write papers for fun. Independent Research Bruh.

I compress lifelong thoughts into 16 musical bars.

So yea, my blog is full of text at times. 

Dear Doom,

I understand you.



holy shit 
This makes me so happy.

The Morning Flex:

This week I’m sending out beats to:

Mike n Chuck (the coolest of kids)

Boldy James (da concreature himself)

Tennille (two N’s, one L)

Tayyib Ali (philly’s finest)

Stevie Crooks (villain in the making)

It might be too early to flex, I ain’t trying to pull a muscle.